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The Baytown Shrine Club (BSC) is a proud member of ARABIA Shrine and proactively supports the Shrine Temple programs.  The BSC is fortunate to own our building located in Baytown, Texas.  At our building, the BSC hosts quarterly Oyster Fry Fundraisers, which earned BSC the nick-name “Oyster Fry King Club.”  The BSC also hosts a traveling catering service to raise funds for the Shrine Hospitals.  For any catering needs, please email us at “HAVE POTS AND PANS, WILL TRAVEL!!!”

BSC is a family oriented club.  Our ladies, children and grandchildren help us in all our humanitarian activities."



Baytown Shrine Club 2019 Officers


President: Noble Russell Lee Jones

1st Vice President: Bobby Wilson

2nd Vice President: Kyle Winkelmann

Secretary/Treasurer: Kenny Sparks

Board - 1: Illustrious Sir Jerry Parrish, PP

Board - 2: Weston Cotten

Board - 3: Hank Sprouse

Board - 4: John Bryant

Board - 5: Illustrious Sir Don Slayton, PP

Board - 6: Marvin Currie

Board - 7: Robert Parks

Board - 8: DeWayne McCartney

Board 9 - Richard Tilley

Board - 10: *** Open (BWilson)

Board - 11: ** Joel Parrish

Board - 12: * Robert Rountree


Stated Meeting: 4th Monday

Location: Baytown Shrine Club Building

110 West Main Street Baytown, TX 77522

Mailing: P.O. Box 1396 Baytown, TX 77522

For more information contact Noble Russell Lee Jones 832 414 7041



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