Monday, January 20, 2020
Arabia Units Clown Jewels



Our Mission


"What does it take to be a Shrine Clown?" Shrine Clowns come in all sizes and ages.

Some are good at magic, others are good at juggling, some do other tricks and some don't

do tricks at all.Some are loud, some are quiet, some are men in their prime, some are older,

and some are retired. The one thing we all have in common is "We all love the kids".

Those in the hospitals and out, and we love what we do. What it takes to be a Shrine Clown is the

desire to help the kids and to have fun! There is no specific requirement for joining other than

being a Master Mason and a member in good standing of the Arabia Shrine and the desire to have fun.

The Ladies of the Clowns are encouraged to participate and often visit the hospitals and do many

activities with us.We have many activities throughout the year that include charitable activities and other

fun events.Visiting the kids in the hospitals is the most important thing we do. We perform at circus,

attend football games, dances, entertain during blood-drives, etc. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of

every month in our Unit Room in the Arabia Shrine Center.We have a light meal starting at 6:30 PM

and by 7:30 PM we're ready for Clown Business.Our Ladies enjoy our meeting and in many cases

help us along. We all enjoy fellowship before and after the meetings. If you would like more information

about the Arabia Shrine Clown Jewels, please don't hesitate to contact any member of our unit.



Clown Jewels 2019 Officers


President: Noble Richard Ventrca

Vice President:




Stated Meeting:3rd Tuesday, 6:30 PM Dinner - 7:30 PM Meeting

 Meeting Place: Clown Jewels Unit Room


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