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Arabia Units Legion of Honor


Here we honor our Military Veterans, We are greatful of their dedicated service to protect our freedom.


In 1802, Napoleon founded the French Honorary Society “Legion of Honor” for recognition of Distinguished Military and Civil Service. During WW 1, Shrine nobles from the state of Maine were impressed by their pleasant war time experiences with the Legion of Honor members in France.Upon their return to this country, in January 1919 they chartered Portland, Maine, Kora Temple. A.A.O.N.M.S. proposed to continue to perpetuate the memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the U.S.A., to foster a spirit of patriotism of love of country and our flag, loyalty to the Illustrious Potentate, and to promote comradeship. This was just a start. In the Shrine Notice of Lu Lu Temple, Plymouth Meeting, PA, chartered in 1919, “The First Legion of Honor Unit in Shrinedom” was created in October, 1919. An important letter dated May 19, 1919, by Captain Sydney E. Bateman, M.D., Camp Surgeon, Allentown, PA, suggested that an organization of Veterans of Lu Lu Temple be formed as it was fitting and proper to add an organization of this merit to the temple units.In 1968, under the leadership of Illustrious Potentate William E. Mattison, the Arabia Temple Legion of Honor was formed. The unit has served the temple in many various functions. Their primary functions being the escort of the current Potentate and color guard for the temple at official stated meetings, Inaugural Ball, circus, and the official parades. The Legion of Honor also serves as an honor guard at the funerals of its members of the unit and other functions as specified by the Illustrious Sirs.The Legion of Honor has advanced due to the leadership of our outstanding early commanders: Robert Weniger, 1968, Jim Richardson, 1971, Bill Weber, 1973 and Maurice Elsberry, 1976.

Interested in Joining the LOH?

If you have served honorably in the military of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Panama and many other affiliated democratic countries, contact our LOH Cmdr. through the contact infromation below or through Arabia Center.



Legion of Honor 2019 Officers


Commander: Noble Craig Mathison

1st Lt Cdr: Noble Al Alvarado

2nd Lt Cdr: Noble Jimmy Romero

3rd Lt Cdr: Noble Travis Verdin

Finance Officer: Noble Ken Ferrari

Adjudant: Noble Marty Rodriguez


Stated Meeting: 2nd Tuesday - 7:30 PM

Location: Gold Room

For more information contact Noble Rick Villareal 713 436 3426

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