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The history of Shrine Oriental Bands goes way back to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair where a Turk with a musette and another with a tom-tom making lots of loud noises could be found in front of every Turkish show on the midway. The Nobles of Chicago Medinah Shrine thought that if one horn and one tom-tom could entertain the masses certainly many would spread lots on thrills and music. After much searching Medinah found a source for the horns and in 1896 the first Oriental Band was formed.

The was no music in those days written for such a different musical taste and Shrine Masons wrote the earliest music, much of which is still being used today. Oriental Bands can be found in various competitions, in parades, as ceremonial guards for the degrees and playing for the entertainment of other organizations. Texas is proud of its own band association currently with eight bands and the national body, the ASOB carries 110 dues paying Oriental Bands. The Medinah Oriental Band became the second uniformed parade unit recognized by Imperial coming after the founding of the Patrol.

The first attempt to form an Oriental Band at Arabia was started in 1946 and finally in late 1950 a unit was formed and sanctioned in 1951 when the Arabia Oriental Band became an official uniformed unit. Many changes have come and gone through the years and today the band continues to be seen as a unique member of the Arabia family.

Because of its’ nature the band is made up of all kinds of Nobles with an interest in our form of entertaining. Some have deep musical backgrounds and others simply enjoy the fellowship and competition. Our ladies group is known as the Musettes and their support enables us to travel and put on a show. Strange costumes and even stranger sounding music, the most fun you can have not wearing the makeup of a clown bring smiles to many.

The Oriental Band also has another unique privilege. That of having one of the two recognized hospital funds, the Ladder of Smiles. The other is the Red Sneaker Fund of the Clowns and together we raise awareness and directly support our philanthropy of hospitals.



Oriental Band 2019 Officers


President: Noble Camdon Lipe

Vice President:



Lieutenant Colonel:


Stated Meeting: 2nd Saturday - 10:00 AM

Location: Oriental Band Unit Room

For more information contact Noble Camdon Lipe 936 494 0841




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